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Generally, ABGRA requires a securely fenced yard (no electric/invisible fencing), a small dog companion, no children under 14 years old and no unaltered dogs living in the home.   Most of our rescued dogs need someone that works from home, can take their dog to work with them or is retired so that the dog is not alone more than a few hours at a time.  The majority of the Brussels Griffons and Affenpinschers we rescue do not do well with children or large dogs.  All adopters must be at least 25 years old and previous dog experience is required.  Applications within a short 1-2 hour driving distance of the dog’s foster home are preferred.

To foster for one of our rescued Brussels Griffons or Affenpinschers, you must be 25 years of age or older. A copy of a photo ID with your current address may be requested as part of the application process. Homes with children under 16 years of age will not be considered for fostering. An excellent veterinary reference is necessary in order to be considered.

All Brussels Griffons and Affenpinschers in our rescue program are spayed or neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations, tested for Heart Worm and have had any health issues addressed before being put up for adoption. Most of our rescues must be first placed in foster homes to meet their physical needs and evaluate their temperament to ascertain the type of home suited to each one.

If you would like to be a foster home please complete the questions below, sign and submit to the American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance/American Affenpinscher Resuce by clicking the SUBMIT button below. Thank you for helping with this greatest of rescue needs. Foster home guidance and procedures is attached at the end of this application.

If you have a question about whether your application has been received, please contact

Please answer every question. Please enter "NA" or "none" if the field does not pertain to you. If all the questions are not answered fully, we will not be able to consider your application. Our foster home procedures are attached at the bottom of this form. You are agreeing to follow our procedures by submitting your application.

If there is a particular dog you are interested in, what is his/her name?
Full Legal Name:
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone #      
(example: 555-123-4567)

Work Phone #      
(example: 555-123-4567)
Zip Code
Employer’s name and contact information
Do we have your permission to contact your employer to verify employment?
Spouse’s/Partner's/Other Adult's Name
Spouse's/Partner's/Other Adult's Age
Spouse's/Partner's/Other Adult's Occupation
Your Email Address
Spouse's/Partner's/Other Adult's E-mail Address
Do you have children living with you?
If yes, what are their names and ages?
Otherwise, please enter N/A

Please note, homes with children under 16 years of age will not be considered.
Would you be willing to travel by car or airplane to pick up a rescue?
What situations would cause you to not be able to keep this dog?
Do you understand that in the event you are no longer able to keep this dog, you are required to return it to American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance/American Affenpinscher Rescue?
Please provide a brief paragraph describing yourself (hobbies, interests, activities):
Which of the following best describes your current residence?
If you rent or lease, the following information is required. If you own your home, please enter N/A:  
Name of Landlord
Landlord's Home Phone #      
(example: 555-123-4567)

Landlord's Address
Landlord's City
Landlord's State
Landlord's Zip Code
Do you have a securely fenced yard on your property that will keep a small dog safely contained?
If Yes, what type of fence?
If other, please describe
How high is the fence?
Is your fenced yard directly accessible from your home?
Do you have a doggy door with access to your yard or a porch?
Will your foster dog have access to the doggy door when you are not at home?
What do you use to secure your gate(s)?
Who has access to your yard (meter readers, neighbors)?
How do you plan to allow your foster dog to relieve itself and/or exercise?
How often do you take your dog for walks or plan to take your new dog for walks?
Do you own a swimming pool?
If yes, is it secured?
Please explain how pool is secured:
Will the animal have access to it?
Do all adults in the household work full time?
Approximately how many hours each day will your foster dog be left alone?
Where will the foster dog be kept when left alone? Please explain.
Do you have any travel plans for the first 6 months while you are fostering a Griff or Affen?
If yes, please explain:
List all other animals that you currently own including Name, Breed, Age, Sex, Spayed/Neutered (Yes/No) and How Long You Have Owned:
If you have had pets in the past, what happened to them? Please list each past pet including name, breed, age, sex, spayed/neutered (Yes/No), length of time with you and reason they are no longer with you:
Under what circumstances do you believe a pet should not be spayed or neutered?
Are there any restrictions on the number of dogs you may keep where you live?
If yes, how many are you allowed to have?
Does anyone in your home have allergies to animals?
ABGRA/AAR will provide for all medical care, heartworm and parasite preventative when requests are submitted and approved in advance. Receipts for reimbursement must be provided to the ABGRA/AAR Treasurer even if pre-approval was requested and received. Are you prepared to assume the responsibilities of feeding, bathing, grooming and caring for your foster Griffon or Affen, including emotional rehabilitation for a traumatized dog and crating for a dog going thru heartworm treatment?
Vet Reference
Please note, an excellent veterinary reference is necessary in order to be considered.
Do you have a veterinarian now, or one that you have used in the past?
Vet's Name
Vet's Address
Vet's City
Vet's State
Vet's Zip Code
Vet's Phone Number (example: 555-123-1234)
Will you follow all Veterinarian instructions provided and administer all prescription medications and Heartworm Preventative to your Foster Griffon or Affen?
Will you obtain pre-approval for all medical care from your ABGRA/AAR contact/coordinator?
Will you negotiate a rescue discount with your veterinarian or locate a low-cost veterinary clinic in your area to provide economical care for your foster dog?
Will you stay in close contact with your ABGRA/AAR contact person and keep him/her appraised of progress, problems, medical issues, and updates on you foster dog?
Are you ready to recognize that while your input is valued, responsibility for final decisions about the future of all of our Rescues lies with ABGRA/AAR?
Will you advise ABGRA/AAR if you are planning to take your foster Griffon or Affen out of town or state for family visits or recreation?
Although ABGRA/AAR does not accept vicious dogs into our program, we do not know the histories of many of our rescues. Are you prepared to contact ABGRA/AAR immediately if your Foster Griffon or Affen bites anyone or seriously injures another pet?
Will you keep the dog confined in a fenced yard when let outdoors, walk/exercise the Foster Griffon or Affen on lead regularly and allow the dog to live indoors?
Do you understand that Griffons and Affens are known for being "barkers" and that your foster Griffon or Affen may not be housetrained?
Do you understand that Griffons and Affens can be shy and aloof with new people?
Foster parents are encouraged to maintain an "Aunt" or "Uncle" relationship with the Griffon or Affen in their care. However, occasionally the foster parent and the foster Griffon or Affen will bond so completely that adoption into this home is best for the Griffen or Affen and family. Do you understand that if you wish to adopt your Foster Griffon or Affen you must complete the Adoption Application & Adoption Agreement and make a donation, as would any other adopter?
Are you willing to allow a ABGRA/AAR representative to visit your home by appointment?
Personal References (Other than relatives):  
Name of First Reference (Person not related to you)
Zip Code
Phone (example: 555-123-1234)
Relationship to you
Do they have pets? If so, please describe:
Name of Second Reference (person not related to you):
Zip Code
Phone (example: 555-123-1234)
Relationship to you
Do they have pets? If so, please describe:
How did you hear about the American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance/American Affenpinscher Rescue?
Would you be willing to help a Brussels Griffon or Affenpinscher in need by: Making a visit to a local shelter to I.D.?
Conducting local home visits for forever homes?
Helping to transport?
Fostering a Griff or Affen with special needs?

I am in full agreement with the American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance/American Affenpinscher Rescue Foster Home Procedures (below). By signing below I am attesting that I have read and understand the procedures and I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers on this application.

I hereby forever release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance; its board of directors; and its members, Officers, and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of or in connection with the fostering or adoption of a dog sponsored by this organization.

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  American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance/American Affenpinscher Rescue Foster Home Procedures
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